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Private Label

At Reunited Clothing, our Factory Matrix, in partnership with top-tier factories, powers our distinctive business model—a direct-to-factory approach that not only grants us access to the industry’s leading yarn and fabric mills but also keeps us at the forefront of material and technique innovations. We specialize in all product categories in Women’s, Men’s, and kids, offering inclusive sizing across the board.


At Reunited Clothing, sweaters represent our passion and artistic expression. We take pride in our diverse capabilities, ranging from 1.5gg to 14gg, encompassing intricate blends, luxurious yarns, and comfortable cotton-based and natural fibers. With an extensive network of factories, each with unique specialties, we bring you the latest high-end techniques at competitive prices. 
Design is at the core of what we do, and we craft each sweater exclusively to capture the essence of our clients' brands, preserving their true DNA. Our best-in-class technical expertise covers a wide range of knitting techniques, including novelty stitches, cable stitches, jacquards, intarsia, crochet, mixed media, prints, and embellishments.

We firmly believe in delivering the best aesthetic at the best value, and to achieve this, we implement a customized cost engineering strategy for each of our customers. Our passion shines through in our innovative designs and the unmatched quality that defines Reunited Clothing.

Our Woven division embodies the same aesthetic and philosophy as our sweater division. We meticulously focus on styling and details, staying in step with the latest runway trends to craft designs that cater to our customers' diverse needs. From Georgettes and crinkled satins to structured suiting and printable nylon, our offerings span a wide spectrum. Whether you're seeking core essential cottons, synthetic blends, or eco-conscious and recycled fibers, we've got the perfect solution for you. From blouses and dresses to blazers and pants, our expertise spans across every category.
Our highly skilled factory network, coupled with our access to innovation through fabric mills, enables us to harness our resources efficiently. This allows us to produce garments of the highest quality and design, offering the best possible value to each of our brands.


Ranging from classic to contemporary, casual to refined and polished, our Cut & Sew division is at the forefront of trends, constantly testing and reading market intelligence in real time. With a diverse range of materials, including cotton blends, rayons, modals, and more, our sourcing and design capabilities ensure a unique assortment for each of our private label brands.Novelty is one of our key strengths, as we offer prints, embellishments, textured knits, embroidery, and other seasonal trends in shapes and silhouettes. We excel in mixed media too, with our factories having the capability to work with different fabrications and mix woven and knit materials.

Cut & Sew

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