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Meet The Founders

Our journey at Reunited Clothing began with a shared passion for fashion and a collective vision for innovation. Our founders, individuals with diverse backgrounds and expertise, came together to create a brand that would redefine the industry. Each founder brings a unique perspective and set of skills, contributing to the tapestry of creativity that defines Reunited Clothing. Please meet the visionary individuals who laid the foundation for our brand's success.

Hilda Batayneh


Meet Hilda Batayneh, our Chief Creative Officer and one of the founding partners at Reunited Clothing. In her capacity as Chief Creative Officer, Hilda is responsible for overseeing design, trend forecasting, marketing, and fostering valuable relationships to identify new collaborations and opportunities.


With an impressive career spanning over 20 years in the industry, Hilda has consistently been a driving force in the world of fashion. Throughout her journey, she has collaborated extensively with major retailers, showcasing her exceptional talent for forecasting and reinterpreting key trends while intuitively grasping the essence of each account we serve at Reunited Clothing. Most recently, she successfully completed a Chief Marketing Officer Program at Columbia Business School.

Hilda firmly believes in the transformative power of a great brand, which is not only fueled by outstanding products but also by a deep understanding of the customer, market segmentation, white space opportunities, and direct customer engagement.


In Hilda's own words, "There's a power and magic to fashion that should be accessible to everyone. I wanted to leave my mark on that magic. I felt that the best path for my career was to collaborate with mass department and specialty stores, bringing the essence of designer brands to an affordable level. That was my mission from the beginning, and I continue to evolve it while remaining true to my original purpose in this industry."

Meet Donald Kesselman, our President & CEO at Reunited Clothing, with an impressive 50 years of industry experience. Donald's leadership brings a unique perspective and boundless energy that has been instrumental in propelling Reunited Clothing to its current success.

In Donald's own words, "What inspires me is being able to build a startup company in today’s competitive environment within the fashion and apparel industry. To have achieved our vendor numbers, relationships, and growth, which may have seemed almost impossible, yet we've been remarkably successful."


Donald Kesselman

Jerry Finestone


Meet Jerry Finestone, our President of Global Operations at Reunited Clothing. Jerry's extensive and enduring relationships with overseas factories have played a pivotal role in shaping the remarkable factory and sourcing matrix that Reunited Clothing has meticulously built.

As an original founder who has developed a diversified factory matrix in Asia across various countries for sourcing and production, as well as our own Shanghai office consisting of our own direct QA/QC and a vast group of merchandisers working together within the entire supply chain.

In Jerry's own words, "It's quite rare for a startup company like ours to not only compete but also succeed in the fiercely competitive arena against the world's largest importers within such a short time frame. Fortunately, we've managed to accomplish just that."

Jeff Sherman


Meet Jeff Sherman, our President of Sales and Production at Reunited Clothing. Jeff's extensive experience and strong relationships have played a pivotal role in building an impressive portfolio of accounts that Reunited Clothing proudly services.

In Jeff's own words, "My philosophy has always been to ensure that our customers feel like they're our top priority, not just in words, but in every action. We want them to know that we'll go above and beyond to contribute to their success. Whether it's in design, cost, delivery, or quality, we are committed to providing the highest level of service. At the end of the day, their trust in me and my company means everything, and we'll do everything within our power to deliver for them."

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