Reunited Clothing's Factory Matrix with established best-in-class factories allows us to have a business model that is direct to factory with direct access to the best yarn and fabric mills in the industry.


Sweaters are a passion and an art form at Reunited Clothing. Our capabilities range from 1.5gg to 14gg, from highly complex blends and yarns to more cotton based and natural fibers. With our vast array of factories and varied specialties, we are able to achieve the latest high-end techniques at competitive pricing. Styling is specific and exclusive to each one of our clients' brands and capture their true DNA. Our best-in-class technical execution includes novelty stitches, cable stitches, jacquards, intarsia, crochet, mixed media, print, and embellishments.
We strongly believe in the best aesthetic at the best value and therefore apply a cost engineering strategy tailored to each of our customers' needs. Our passion comes through in the unique designs and product innovation and quality that Reunited Clothing is known for.


Our Woven division follows the same aesthetic and mantra as our sweater division. With the same attention to styling and details and capturing the latest trends straight off the runway, we are able to design for our customers to suit all their needs from core essential cottons, to synthetic blends, to eco-conscious and recycled fibers. From blouses, to dresses, to blazers and pants, there is no category that we have not become experts in.
With our highly skilled factory matrix and our access to innovation within our fabric mills, we are able to leverage our resources to produce the highest quality and designed garments at the best possible value for each of our brands.

Cut & Sew

Ranging from classic to contemporary and casual to refined & polished, our Cut & Sew is one of our fastest trending divisions. From cotton blends, to rayons, modals, and everything in between, our sourcing and design capabilities offer a unique assortment for each of our private label brands. Novelty is one of our biggest strengths as we offer prints, embellishments, textured knits, embroidery, and other key seasonal trends, including shapes and silhouettes. Mixed media is also a strength as our factories have capabilities to work with different fabrications and knit woven mixing.